Over 500 Attendees

Like-minded organization representatives come together, each year, with goals for increasing the education, skills and practice of cultural competency and inclusion in workplaces that serve diverse populations.

Networking Event

Treatment and healthcare professionals and policy makers working at all levels of their organizations. 87% of conference survey respondents agreed, or strongly agreed, in the value of meeting and networking with others at the conference.

Dynamic Workshops

Highly vetted workshops, embrace the conference theme and Core Values of Cesar Chavez, while challenging new ways to improve outcomes with diverse populations and promote best practices and
innovation in treatment and healthcare.

Innovative Speakers

Authors, poets, administrators, healthcare peers and professionals, academics, researchers, clinicians, social workers, promoters, trainers, policy analysts, caseworkers and legislators, represent a few of the diverse speakers, each year.

About César E. Chávez Behavioral Health Conference • March 23rd, 2018

The conference is the region’s premier convening, focused on diversity and inclusion in behavioral and integrated healthcare, with the goal of bringing behavioral/integrative health workers together to learn more about best practices and policies in the care of diverse populations, and ways to address health disparities. The conference is named in honor of Cesar Chavez, and held annually, on or near his birth date. This is the 14th year of the conference. It is hosted by Terros Health and sponsored by behavioral health and integrated health providers across the state.

Conference Planning Committee 
Yvonne Fortier, Chair
Alejandro Flores,   Cathy Johnson,   Jason Vail Cruz,  Teresa Peña,  Alicia Rodriguez,   Cielo Mohapatra,   John Mireles,   Gustavo McGrew,   Amy D'Arpino,   Cristina Perez,
 Julia Drake,   Melinda Vasquez,   Britany Luna,   Guillermo Velez,   Mary Mitchell,   Ray Young,  Cathey Horton,   Holly Figueroa,   Noé Vargas


Terros Health values strong, ongoing relationships with each of our Sponsors. Respected names in the industry regularly support this Conference.

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